Help button


Step 1: Click on the red help button above. If you don’t see it refresh you page and let it load

Step 2 : Once you click on the help button it will start a download .Scroll to the bottom of the page now. You will see a pop up, it will say – “Do you wan to run or save Support.exe”. Picture example given below

Step 3 : Click on Save. Picture example given below

Step 4: The same box that is at the bottom of your page will now say Run . Click on run. Picture example given below

Step 5. You will get a pop up from User Account Control asking if you want give permission to Team viewer. Press the yes button.

Step 6. You will now see a blue box  at the bottom of your computer on your task bar. Click on it. Picture example given below

Step 7. You will now see a box with a 9 digit ID please have this ID ready when you call . Picture example given below


Please have your 9 digit support ID ready when you call us. Support calls will only be taken after you have your support ID. Below are detailed instructions on how to get your support id -


1) Make sure your internet is working

2) Know what browser you are using




This is Internet Explorer

This is Internet Explorer

 Internet Explorer Click Here                      


This is chrome

This is chrome








Google Chrome – Click Here



This is Firefox

This is Firefox








Firefox- Click Here