Mercury 7 Handheld Magnifier and OCR


Mercury 7 is a handheld magnifier and reader device

with a wide 7 inch screen that does live magnification

and a full page OCR.

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Mercury StandMercury 12: A large screen tablet as a low vision device

High quality magnification and full page OCR on a large 12.2 inch tablet.


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Aquos Handheld Magnifier and OCRDSC_6775(1)


Aquos is a handheld magnifier and reader device

that does live magnification and full page OCR.


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 iZoom Screen Magnifier and Reader USB

iZoom USB


 For those with low vision, working on a computer can be stressful.

 With iZoom’s customizable magnification levels from 1.25x to 36x,

you’ll have the ability to zoom into areas that are usually hard to see.


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iZoom Screen Magnifier and Reader Standard – CD/Download


If you only need to use one computer at home or at work,

we have a more affordable solution called iZoom Standard. It’s available

on a CD or as an online download. Install it on your PC and make using the

computer easier.


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ReadDesk – Text to Speech Compact Camera


Has reading your newspaper or favourite book become tiresome?

Do you usually land up squinting at pages? ReadDesk is a small, portable

camera that can scan any physical document and read it back to you in a

crystal clear, natural sounding voice. Just sit back, relax, and listen.

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