Customized Low Vision Solutions



Hardware Development

Low Vision systems often require an element of customized hardware to achieve its objective for the target audience. Our team can modify our existing portfolio of hardware products or develop entirely new concepts to suit a target market. We employ the latest 3D printing technologies to quickly iterate through prototypes for proof of concept validation, which can also be used to manufacture end use products. Using the same manufacturing process for design and production reduces time to market and project risk.


Software Development

User friendly software is essential to successful implementation of a low vision product. What works for a sighted user is often unsuitable for those with sensory impairments. We develop software optimized to use any remaining vision along with other sensory inputs such as hearing or touch to maximize the information a user can internalize in the shortest time possible. Our low vision software is designed for the most popular desktop and mobile platforms such as Windows 10, iOS, Linux and Android.


Support & Maintenance

We support our clients through the life cycle of the project. Regular software and hardware updates ensure products stay up to date as per user expectations and field tests. Design iterations can be rapidly put into production to reduce delays. Remote access software allows us to support clients globally as long they have an internet connection.